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Time is money, so the quicker you can get your staff up to speed on cleaning procedures and chemical use, the better.

To help our customers, we have developed a series of training courses, based on our Sanitation Citation textbook, called The College of Cleaning. Read below to learn more about each training program.


Large and multi-location facilities need more products and resources than small businesses. They require the most effective program to reduce their budget expense and more assistance with communication and education. It is for these facilities that we have created our Catalyst Program – a priority service and best pricing program rewarded to large or multi-location facilities that use our company as a single source for their custodial requirements.


The Consult 360° program is a series of value-added services designed to aid facilities in budget planning and control, staff training, consumable control, and quality control.

The Consult 360° programs are complimentary with a Catalyst Customer account, but can also be purchased, with up to 100% of the service rate applied to future product purchases.

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