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Catalyst Program

Large and multi-location facilities need more products and resources than small businesses. They require the most effective program to reduce their budget expense and more assistance with communication and education. It is for these facilities that we have created our Catalyst Program – a priority service and best pricing program rewarded to large or multi-location facilities that use our company as a single source for their custodial requirements.
Why use us as a single source for your custodial needs? We provide a wide variety of services, training, reporting, and supply management that make your custodial department efficient, both in a process and financially.

The Benefits of Becoming a Catalyst Customer:

1. Our Catalyst Program saves you time and money

Labour is 90% of the cost of cleaning. For that reason, you need more than just a cheaper cleaning product. You need a process that reduces the cost of labour. We use customized advice tools to help you clean for health while minimizing total costs. Our experienced staff will quickly get your facility up and running on an effective and efficient cleaning program, including cleaning procedures, chemical solutions, cost-in-use programs, etc.

2. Our Catalyst Program Helps You Train Your Staff for Success

The key to a successful cleaning program is to ensure all members of the custodial staff are up-to-speed on the use and procedures for the cleaning programs they are using. We will come out to your site and train your staff, provide you with charts and procedure tools, and even create custom training tools such as training videos.

3. Our Catalyst Program Provides You with Safe and Effective Programs

We are fully compliant on all hazardous materials. We offer an online Safety Data Sheet (SDS) source and procedural guides to ensure safe handling of cleaning chemicals. We also offer customized programs to our catalyst customers, such as SDS binders, usage charts, and WHMIS training.

4. Our Catalyst Program Provides You with Custom Designed Ordering, Delivery and Invoicing

Do you have restrictions on products, quantities, frequencies, etc? We are able to accommodate a variety of variables, including multiple options for ordering, deliveries, invoicing and record keeping. We will customize an ordering procedure for you, and can even do the work for you with our vendor-supply management option.

5. Our Catalyst Program Helps You Keep Purchasing In Check

We offer customized reporting for customer cost control, and will regularly review and reduce the number of skus in your contract to ensure you are getting the most streamlined program possible. We will ensure that your products and programs are uniform across all of your buildings/sites to maximize efficiency.

6. Our Catalyst Program Provides Superior Customer Service

We are committed to providing quality service to our customers that continuously improves and exceeds expectations. Our Sales Consultants are second to none, with their years of experience and wealth of knowledge in the cleaning industry. As a Catalyst Customer, you are provided both an Outside and an Inside Sales Consultant to ensure your requirements are always met. To keep us on goal, we maintain an internal quality control program that runs across all customer contacts.

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