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Consult 360°

The Consult 360° program is a series of value-added services designed to aid facilities in budget planning and control, staff training, consumable control, and quality control.

The Consult 360° programs are complimentary with a Catalyst Customer account, but can also be purchased, with up to 100% of the service rate applied to future product purchases.

For more information on each of our value-added services, read below:

Communication of the Real Value of Clean

Many facilities clean for appearance, but is that the whole story? What are the hidden costs if a facility’s cleaning program is inadequate? Our staff can communicate what is important and why in order to help you prioritize your cleaning program.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Provide you with statistics and support for you to bring to your budget discussions
  • Present a “Real Value of Clean” presentation to support your budget presentation
  • Supply “cleaning for health” training and materials to cleaning staff

Best Workload Scheduling

What tasks require more or less cleaning staff? Are there areas where a change of tool, equipment or chemical will help you save money? What will your final cleaning budget be? We can help you determine the answers to these questions.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Conduct a workload analysis for your facility
  • Make tool and equipment recommendations that will maximize task efficiency
  • Make suggestions on cleaning structure to maximize staff efficiency

Financial Justification of Equipment Purchases

Cleaning equipment can be an expensive investment, but machine productivity saves money in the long run. We match equipment to your facility requirements and calculate how long it will take you to recover your investment.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Perform an analysis between equipment types to show efficiency levels
  • Analyze how long it would take to pay for the new equipment based on increased efficiency

Best Planning for Consumer Supplies

Quality versus value is an age old question. We help to plan your paper, cleaning product and soap consumables so you achieve the best balance between value and quality based on your facility’s requirements.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Perform an analysis between our consumables and competitor consumables
  • Perform an analysis between consumable types to see what provides the best value for your facility

New Facility Planning

Don’t make cleaning and maintenance an afterthought when designing and building a new facility. Bring us in to consult during the design and development stages to ensure proper placement of maintenance amenities.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Consult on proper placement of custodial closets, maintenance sinks, and other amenities
  • Help with layout of custodial areas for dilution control dispensers, equipment sizes, and storage requirements

Programmed Maintenance Reporting

Our new Programmed Maintenance report card system gives you the advice you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance, while giving you an assessment of equipment “age” that will help you to decide when replacement equipment is required.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Provide you with a report outlining general equipment condition
  • Determine the “age” of your machine, and estimate when you may be due to replace the equipment
  • Provide you with specific information on how the equipment is being handled, and machine specific advice for its maintenance

This service is complimentary with all Programmed Maintenance calls

College of Cleaning Training Program

Let us help you train your maintenance staff. Our training classes are fully customizable and can be conducted on-site or in our Edmonton office. We have CSSA Expert Sustainability Professional and ISSA Certification Expert (ICE) staff available.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Train your custodial staff on general cleaning tasks, either on-site or in our training facility.
  • Perform industry-specific health and safety training (WHMIS, Cleaning Ergonomics)
  • Perform equipment or procedure-specific training on-site
  • Create custom training schools for your staff

Chemical and Paper Consumable Control

We provide and maintain dilution control, soap, and paper dispensers at no cost* to keep your consumables under tight control and performing at their peak.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Provide you with chemical dilution systems
  • Provide you with consumable paper or soap dispensers

* minimum consumable purchases are required for no-cost dispensers

Site Inspections

Our Consultants perform quality assurance site evaluations to let you know where your facility’s trouble areas are and how to resolve the issues.

Under this umbrella, we can:

  • Evaluate your facility to see where the “high risk” areas are
  • Perform quality control using ATP meter systems
  • Make cleaning structure recommendations based on test results
  • Perform training to staff for in-house quality control

How to Request or Purchase Consult 360° Services

If you are a Catalyst Customer, please contact your Outside Sales Consultant to set up an appointment.

If you wish to simply purchase a service, contact us for rate information. Once the services are purchased, we credit you up to 100% of the service fee as you make product purchases.*

*Credit is earned at the rate of 10% of consumable purchases up to the amount you spend on a Consult 360° service. Credit is only available for consumables (cleaning equipment or equipment service not included), is non-refundable, has no cash value, and applies only to future purchases. Credit is being applied to the customer account once per fiscal quarter. The credit expires one year from date of issue.

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