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Equipment Service

Our Service Department

Our service centre in Edmonton provides service to customers throughout Alberta. We maintain a large parts inventory, so that the most frequently required parts are in stock. In case of an emergency, we also have fly-in parts ordering. This translates into quick and efficient service.

Preventative Maintenance

Your facility cleaning equipment is an investment. Machines like automatic scrubbers, extractors, and washroom cleaners cut down on cleaning time, reduce chemical use, and make the job easier for cleaning staff. For this reason, it is important that you perform some basic preventative maintenance to ensure the machine is kept clean, and wear parts are rotated or replaced when required. Small tasks such as these keep your equipment running longer and better.
We can provide our customers with equipment specific “use and care” charts, and preventative maintenance charts. We can also provide labels for you to place on your machine for quick maintenance reference.

Programmed Maintenance

Where preventative maintenance is performed by in-house staff, “Programmed Maintenance” is a service call that we perform on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. These service calls deal with maintenance tasks that require a more technical hand.

Think of your cleaning equipment in the same way as you do your car. You would fill the gas tank and check the oil on a regular basis, but then take it to a service centre for regular tune-ups. Because machines like automatic scrubbers and extractors are often used on a daily basis, and have many mechanical, electrical and electronic components that require detailed checks, it is a good ideal to have one of our factory-trained mechanics come out and perform those tasks that get missed on your daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routines.


Price per call rates are based on machine quantities, type of equipment, and distance from our service centre.

For more information on preventative or programmed maintenance, please contact our Service Department at 1‑866‑722‑9144, or you can send an email to

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