Our Company

It is our goal to be the premiere choice for cleaning products, equipment, advice and service in Alberta. We will accomplish this by offering superior service and innovative products designed with our customers' and the environment's needs in mind.

In order to do this, we start by manufacturing the highest quality cleaning chemicals, then offer a variety of value added services to support those products.

Young At Heart: A Greer History

Our company had humble beginnings in 1923 in the form of a little store across from Market Square in Edmonton. William E. Greer, known as Bill to his friends, started “Bill Greer Hardware.”

At the time, the major method of transportation was still horse and carriage. Saturdays were particularly tough at the store, with farm wagons surrounding the square, and store hours running from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. to catch the farmers while they had money to spend.

In the mid 1930’s, Bill began to notice that the lumber yards were moving into the hardware business, so he started selling cleaning supplies, recognizing that cleaning products provided the opportunity for repeat business. By 1946, the hardware portion of the business was sold, and W.E. Greer Agencies was born. The company moved to 106th Street and 104th Avenue, and began to sell cleaning and maintenance equipment for institutions and industry. At the same time, Bill’s son, James (Jim) Greer, started working for his father in the warehouse after returning home from the war.

Bill worked extremely hard, not only at W.E. Greer, but for organizations such as the National Sanitary Supply Association. The NSSA went on to become the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), of which W.E. Greer Ltd. was the first Canadian member.

In 1959, Bill passed away, and his son Jim, took over as president of the company. With Jim at the helm, Greer began to manufacture their own cleaning chemicals, starting with floor finish. By 1970, with manufacturing becoming more of a focal point for the business, our company moved into our current building, complete with a manufacturing plant.

John, Bill Greer's grandson, is now the owner of the company. The original philosophy, started by Bill Greer, still holds today: great products with great customer service. Our company’s strength lies not only in our exceptional cleaning chemicals, but in the value we add to them with things like training, reporting, and vendor managed ordering.



We are proud members/supporters of the following associations:

The AARFP is a provincial organization dedicated to providing excellence in training and professional development for individuals involved in the operation of recreation facilities.

AEFAA was formed in 1971 with the mission to "work in partnership with Alberta education school jurisdictions in providing teaching and learning environments which promote excellence in education."

Balpex is a not-for-profit collective buying group for independent Canadian distributors. They have been in operation since 1973, and today have 50+ members. Their mission is to create a healthy economic environment for entrepreneurs in the distribution sector, and to foster growth with programs, tools and advice.

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association is a non-profit corporation, established in 1957, representing companies engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and selling of sanitary maintenance products and services. The purpose of the CSSA is to provide greater public awareness and understanding of sanitary maintenance principles, while contributing to improved public health and environmental awareness in Canada.

The Edmonton Chamber is the official voice of business in the Edmonton area. Their mission is to create the best possible environment for business.

Founded in 1923, the ISSA is an international cleaning industry community comprised of janitorial supply manufacturers and distributors. The purpose of the ISSA is to provide the highest quality of industry-specific, relevant information, in order to promote health through cleaning.



"We have been using W.E. Greer as our preferred supplier for our cleaning and equipment needs since 1994.

Over the years W.E. Greer has delivered exceptional customer service, quality effective products and prompt accurate billing.

They have provided training and education to our custodial staff on how to use the products and equipment safely and to ensure the best results.

We have found the staff at W.E. Greer to be extremely professional and to consistently deliver exceptional customer service."

"Across all our programs and services, having clean and well maintained facilities is extremely important to our success. John Greer and his entire staff team have been extremely helpful in assisting us in developing customized, safe and innovative cleaning solutions. For example, W.E. Greer customized the training materials and signage into different languages to meet the needs of our culturally diverse staff teams.

Not only have they provided our staff with the right cleaning products and tools, but they have educated and trained our day and night custodial staff on how to use the products and equipment safely and how to ensure the best results.

Over our 16 year relationship we have found John and his staff to be extremely professional and to consistently deliver exceptional customer service and value."